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Oct 15 Blog Post: Wisdom Teeth and the ROEP

Edit: this was supposed to be uploaded on the 15th but due to some problems with the CSS it's been uploaded on the 16th.

Had my wisdom teeth taken out yesterday :). It's way more different than I expected. They completely knocked me out, so luckily I was able to avoid being super high after. I did wake up super disorriented though. I was seeing double for a few minutes and had to just sit and look around to get my bearings.

It's kinda funny, the anesthesiologist didn't even tell me or give me a countdown for when I was gonna go under. She told me when she was administering the nausea meds, and then started listing off measurements to the assistant. Then BOOM, I blink and it's been an hour and a half. Wild. It's alright though, she was sweet and kinda cute so I'm not upset.

The assistant (idk her official title) was the first person to start prepping and the last to talk to me. She was super sweet T_T. She was in there the entire time with me (although I was asleep so I only saw her around 10 minutes total) and she helped me put on my hoodie after I woke up which was so nice. She walked me out to the car too.

Overall good surgery expirence, and my first. All the staff were kind and my recovery has been well. Jello and scambled eggs have been coming in clutch. the swellings not terrible either, although everything does hurt still of course. The pain meds they gave me are insane though they completely knocked me out too and I was super wobbly after having them yesterday. They completely took away the pain on one half of my face though, which was nice as usually "lower level" pain meds like Ibeprofen and tylenol don't do much for me. Dunno what was going on with the other half of my face though, that was strange. For a few hours afterward my lips were also paralyzed on one side and lower lip, chin, and tongue were numb too. All that's worn away though luckily.

AND THE REMEMBRANCE OF EARTH'S PAST CAME IN THE MAIL YESTERDAYYYY!! Wont reread it for awhile but I plan on annotating the shit out of it when I do haha. Too many good moments. Here are some pictures:

I wanted the hardcover version, but those were like $60-$70 so I went for the paperbacks. Kind of annoying since i wanted to possibly remake my own dustcover because I really don't like the original, but oh well. May try and design my own covers and rebind them into hardcovers sometime.